System Integrations

Altaqnya offers reliable system integration services



The IT industry has witnessed numerously remarkable, highly fragmented changes in its modus operandi. With evolving ecosystems like the Cloud, Software-as-a-service SaaS, Mobile and service applications; these applications must find a way to connect with on-premise systems and databases to guarantee continuous connection for the new enterprise and to meet new business goals.

Interestingly, businesses have utilized different integration tools best known to them to create a strong link of communication across the entire enterprise. These tools are enabled to connect one system endpoint to another. But they are limited to the types of system integrations they can perform, as different systems work with specific tools, so some tools just don’t work. So the lack of support for some particular data formats drags business to employ numerous tools for integration between systems within an enterprise which is usually daunting.

Altaqnya integration solution enables the business to have a robust model that rip and replace existing systems, without altering the performance. By leveraging the right integration solutions, our customers can spend less time and resources worrying about building connectivity between systems while they focus on other core business goals.


Technologies used

Database Application: Enteprise Database, ERP, CRM


Virtualization: Server: Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization and Network Virtualization

Data Center: Servers, Storage, Network, Converged Infrastructure, HCI, Load Balancer..

Security: NGFW, WAF, VPN, Web Security, Email Security, End Point Protection…

Collaboration: IP Telephony, Telepresence, Contact Center

Communication: SDH, PDH, MPLS, Wireless Links

The Benefits of our System Integration Services

End to end integration

Our system integration services enables you to perform your work in an adequate environment where all your data is provided accurately with consistency to your business infrastructure.  The positive impact is felt at the foundations as we use integration tools to update legacy systems with modern capabilities to function across several processes.

A Joint approach for optimum performance

Every organization that wants to transform its IT processes and infrastructure needs to take a holistic approach when considering technology and architecture for effective management of system and method.

So for an evolving IT ecosystem, we propose an open, yet unified architecture which ensures simplicity, maintenance and accelerated development.

Easing workflow complexity

Our system integration solution provides a wide range of services like system consolidation on a single platform and real-time synchronization to uncover one unified platform.

Working with us saves you from an overwhelmingly complex IT structure that comes with a very expensive maintenance cost.

As a a leader, we leverage a unified system built on trust, usability for all devices and operating systems.