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We not only supply you boxes, we also build and integrate your desired solution

For the past fourteen years, we have exceeded our customers’ expectations by transforming business outcomes through the provision and integration of Network and Data center services.

Here at Altaqnya, we want to understand your needs and business goals before taking any critical step. Then match them with our available solution to help your business grow.

With our strong Network and Data center experience working for leading brands, using state of the art technologies, popular frameworks, and the latest equipment, we deliver scalable and reliable solutions at high standards.

We design solutions for modern systems, legacy system migration, and third-party integration.



To succeed in our business we plan, design, manage, and implement our projects according to solid business principles such as

  • Understanding the exact needs of our clients
  • Field visits to project locations.
  • Studying all of the available technologies.
  • Studying the possible integration and compatibility of different technologies.
  • Upgrading and/ or integrating existing technologies into new ones.
  • Execution within time and budget.
  • Accurate scheduling.
  • Providing proposals of different options to clients.
  • Providing clients with demo models for proposed technologies.
  • Providing technical support 24/7.


Our main goal is to provide optimum and complete solutions to all of our clients by using the latest available technologies in the field of communication and IT. To achieve this goal while remaining to be strongly competitive, we focus on lowering the Total Cost of Ownership and increasing the Return on Investment.

We provide all of our customers great quality of service by presenting pre and post-Sale services, guaranteeing our products are operating in a perfect manner.

In order to achieve customer satisfaction, we aim at developing the technical staff of our clients to the desired level of efficiency by evaluating their skills and suggesting the training that is required to reach the optimum levels of productivity.


Altaqnya can help you in any of the following area of expertise:

  • Design and installation of all ranges of communication systems.
  • Design and implementation of local and wide area computer networks.
  • Design and implementation of network security systems.
  • Design & implementation of Active & Passive Data Center
  • Design & Implementation of Oracle Database.
  • Providing training services in the area IT.
  • Providing consulting services in the area of networking and IT.
  • Provides support and different level of SLA.
  • Cloud Services.

But We do MUCH more!


During the project lifecycle, we get in and out of your business to merge your goals with your customers aspirations before we design the right solution for them. .

Whether you need a subjective System integration, update existing legacy system, or a modernized, completely new data center facilities, Altaqnya technology solutions will digitally transform your business.

Altaqnya walks side by side with you to intelligently and expeditiously the right service to match your business goals.

Furthermore, we suggest some of our great ideas and recommendations the company has gained over the years- we enjoy bringing new solutions to the table that will make the technology work for you.

Your network security matters to you, and we are always available to help you create a strong authoritative online presence that makes you unique and safe on the web.

We want to support you to have the competitive edge you are longing for.

ALTAQNYA For Data Communication

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