We are excited to offer a variety of cloud-based solutions of exceptionally flexible and scalable cloud available in our area and the world.

There is an excessive demand for cloud and data center services which tends to put pressure on the shoulders of CIOs, and the IT departments to find new ways that are better and affordable than the current legacy systems in use. the only approach to make this happen is to employ agile deployment models and innovative service delivery strategies such as cloud, automation, and orchestration, which has a direct impact on the ROI and bottom line

Our customer can experience top-class integrated infrastructures to meet their growing need for cheaper, efficient, yet secured platforms.

Altaqnya offers our customers the leverage to enjoy computing resources on a pay as you use approach. Since it’s cloud-based, they can access their portals from any location in the world.

The advantages of cloud-based answers for end clients and organizations incorporate expanded limit, versatility, usefulness, and diminished upkeep and cost for PC foundation or in-house staff. Also, cloud-based arrangements can empower organizations to concentrate on income driving activities as opposed to tedious, non-center business undertakings.

What We Offer

We are a VMware Public Cloud Provider.Our Cloud is based on VCE technology (VBlock).

Your workloads will be successfully migrated securely and reliably.

Cloud Offerings

IaaS-Infrastructure as a Service

CCaaS-Call Center as a Service

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